What you need to know about iTrail GPS Tracking

The iTrail GPS brand started as a passive GPS data logger created by KJB Security Products. With over 25 years of experience in the surveillance market and more than 15 years in GPS real-time and passive vehicle tracking systems distribution, KJB Security Products has sold more than 17,000 units worldwide of the iTrail brand GPS logger alone and distributed untold units of real-time and other passive GPS system .

As the GPS live-tracking market has changed over the past few years, KJB began to see the need for updated, technologically adaptive CDMA devices, later the need for 3G devices, and later for advanced 4G devices for the US Market. Consequently, KJB Security used our expertise to create and manage our own brand of GPS tracking service: iTrail Live.

iTrail Live is ideal for small-to-medium sized companies with a fleet of vehicles and physical assets looking to manage costs through reliable and affordable GPS tracking solutions.

iTrail Live GPS is a best-in-class GPS tracking solutions platform that provides greater coverage in the US. Through our latest 4G wireless technology trackers, we offer higher security and ultra-reliable connections in all locations, including remote and rural areas.

Compared to other products on the market, iTrail Live offers a better quality of service, more precise location accuracy, and a lower total cost of ownership.

iTrail Live GPS by KJB is a proven leader in GPS tracking solutions that caters specifically to small-to-medium sized companies looking to improve their bottom line.

Additionally, iTrail Live can be used for personal tracking such as tracking teen drivers, executive protection and child locating.

Bottom line? We are The Experts in our field. iTrail Live is a new brand, but the tracking platform is well-proven, and our company has been in existence since the inception of vehicle GPS tracking technology!