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New improved iTrail Endurance GPS Tracker

Get almost a year of tracking on one battery charge with the iTrail Endurance 4G.  The GPS tracking device is powered by a strong 20,000mAh battery which provides up to  265 days of extended stand-by power and the casing has five hidden built-in magnets. Low price subscriptions with no long term commitment plus flexible cancelation.

The iTrail Endurance tracker has NO ACTIVATION fee!

Perfect for monitoring boats, vehicles (classic cars, motorcycles), large collectibles, heavy equipment, tractors, shipping containers, ATM.

Note: this tracker only works in the United States, Canada & Mexico. 

Custom plans available please call for more details.

iTrail Endurance GPS Tracker is ideal for:
  • Families with elementary school age children who may not be under constant supervision during the day
  • Parents with teen drivers who need the assurance that the new driver is accounted for
  • Minors who need additional behavior monitoring!
  • Owners of 2 or more vehicles
  • Individuals or corporations who are in need of peace of mind
  • Curious individuals who love spy gear!

Download the App for this tracking device!

iTrail GPS App

iTrail Endurance Unit Price: $ 199.00

Subscription Plans for iTrail Endurance

Plan Name: ENDURANCE Month to Month Plan
Plan Includes: Configurable Alerts, Configurable Reports, GEO Fence, Route History, No Long Term Commitment, and Monthly Recurring Subscription, Cancel Anytime
Plan Name: ENDURANCE 6 Month Plan
Plan Includes: Prepay for 6 months get 1/2 a month free, Configurable Alerts, Configurable Reports, GEO Fence, Route History, 6-Month Recurring Subscription
$69.99/6 mths
Plan Name: ENDURANCE 12 Month Plan
Plan Includes: Prepay for 12 months get one month free, Configurable Alerts, Configurable Reports, GEO Fence, Route History, 12 Month Recurring Subscription

iTrail Endurance

Price: $




  • Real-time 4G Tracking
  • Alerts: Vibration, Displacement, Low Battery, Power Off, Speed
  • Geo-Fence
  • Route History
  • Case with 5 Built-in Magnets with 80lbs Total Pull
  • AGPS Cellular Assisted GPS
  • Up to 265 days tracking on one battery charge
  • Low cost plans with no long term commitments
  • No Activation Fees


  • Internal Antenna
  • AGPS Capable
  • Operating Temperature: -20° to 70°
  • 20,000 mAh 3.7V Battery
  • Casing with 5 built-in magnets
  • Magnets provide 80lb pull force
  • Locate Time: Cold start 35-80s, Hot start 1s
  • Dimensions: 4.75” L x 2.5” W x 2” H
  • Weight: 9oz

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