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iTrail Convoy Business $29.95/month
Plan Includes:
1 minute Updates
Unlimited Data
Text Alerts
iTrail Convoy Business Plus $34.95/month
Plan Includes:
30 second Updates
Unlimited Data
Text Alerts
iTrail Convoy Business Pro $39.95/month
Plan Includes:
10 second Updates
Precision Tracking
Unlimited Data
Text Alerts
iTrail Convoy 1 Year 1 $329.45/year
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1 min updates
Unlimited Data
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In need of covert tracking on multiple vehicles or simply reliable fleet management technology? The iTrail Convoy is a hard-wired, rugged, professional-grade vehicle tracker with a 12 hour back-up battery that offers alerts and live monitoring every 10 seconds. The iTrail Convoy can be completely covert after installation and you never have to worry about power.

The iTrail Convoy has an additional feature —an external antenna —for increased location accuracy. This is the ultimate in professional GPS location monitoring for fleet management for small to medi-um sized businesses.

iTrail Convoy is Ideal for:
  • Businesses that rely on timely asset delivery
  • Fleet management
  • Employee behavior monitoring
  • Measure and compare driver performance
  • Strategizing for efficient driving plans
  • Speed monitoring for saving gas and improving bottom line!
  • Businesses in need of a new vehicle tracking system
  • Mobile workforce management


Alerts are sent via text or email.

Alerts for drivers exceeding set speed, starts and stops, uses Geo-fence and create routes to know your drivers locations

Unlimited fuel saving capabilities

Highly detailed location accuracy and asset management.

Reports for KPI and Goal Setting


Location Updates at 10, 30 or 60 Seconds

Powered Via Vehicle Battery

Auto Sleep Mode

Web-based Software

Historical Playback

Text Reports

PC/MAC Compatible

Text Message(SMS) Alerts

Arrival Alerts

Departure Alerts

Low Battery Alerts

Navigation Feature

LiveShare Feature