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iTrail Endurance with Long Battery Life

The iTrail Endurance can track for Months Without Recharging! The built-in battery lasts for an unbeatable 100 days of live tracking life. For the most accurate tracking available, the iTrail Endurance reports location on the Verizon network, which offers the best cellular coverage in the United States.  

The Endurance is specifically made for long term asset tracking, updating just a few times a day. Because it updates less the battery last even longer and the subscription plan will cost less and is not unlimited

Perfect for monitoring boats, vehicles (classic cars, motorcycles), large collectibles, heavy equipment, tractors, shipping containers, ATM.

Note: this tracker only works in the United States, it does not work internationally. 

Custom plans available please call for more details. 

Subscription Plans for iTrail Endurance

Plan Name: iTrail Solo Personal
Plan includes:, 1 minute Updates, Text Alerts, Unlimited Data, Reports
Plan Name: iTrail Solo Personal Plus
Plan includes:, 30 second updates, Unlimited Data, Text Alerts, Reports
Plan Name: iTrail Solo 1 Month 10
Plan Includes:,10 second Updates,Precision Tracking,Unlimited Data,Text Alerts,Reports
Plan Name: iTrail Solo 1 Year 1
Buy 12 months pre paid, Get one month free, 1 min updates, Unlimited Data , Text Alerts, Reports
Plan Name: iTrail Solo 1 Year 30
Buy 12 months pre paid, Get one month free, 30 second updates, Unlimited Data , Text Alerts, Reports


  • All-in-one self-contained unit including a long-lasting battery, tracking hardware and powerful magnetic mount
  • Water proof
  • Location Updates at 30 or 60 Seconds
  • 100 Day Battery Life @ 1hr/Day
  • Auto Sleep Mode
  • Web-Based Software
  • Tracking App for IOS and Android
  • Historical Playback
  • Text Reports
  • PC/MAC Compatible
  • Text Message(SMS) Alerts
  • Arrival Alerts
  • Departure Alerts
  • Low Battery Alerts
  • LiveShare Feature


  • Communication Modes: CDMA 1xRTT Packet Data, TCP/IP, UDP and SMS
  • Typical 200µA @4.2V (Deep Sleep)
  • Typical 21.5 mA @ 4.2V (SMS+UDP Connection, GPS Off)
  • Typical 89.9 mA @ 4.2V (Continuous Transmit)
  • 50 Channel GPS (with SBAS)
  • Location Accuracy: 2m CEP (with SBAS)
  • Tracking Sensitivity: -160dBm
  • Acquisition Sensitivity: -147dBm
  • Power Consumption
  • Operating Voltage: 4.2V Internal Battery
  • CDMA BC1: Power Class 2 (24.5dBm) for 1xRTT
  • Temperature: -20° to 70° C (Operating); -40° to +85° C (Storage)
  • Humidity: 95%RH @ 50° C Non-Condensing
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Data Support: SMS, CDMA 1xRTT Packet Data
  • Transmitter Power: CDMA 1xRTT
  • CDMA BC0: Power Class 3 (24.5dBm) for 1xRTT
  • CDMA BC1: Power Class 2 (24.5dBm) for 1xRTT
  • AGPS Capable
  • Dimensions: 2.75″ L x 1.625″ W x 1.125″ H
  • Weight: 0lb 3oz

We thank you for your interest in our iTrail GPS Tracking products and are pleased to provide you with to our live demo of the iTrail GPS Tracking Software.

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