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iTrail Snap OBD II Port GPS Tracker

Know where your vehicle and assets are at all times and avoid the stress of wondering with the OBD II port iTrail Snap! Easily monitor your deliveries and reassure your clients when deliveries will arrive!

iTrail Snap finds your vehicle in a snap! Simple to install in cars or trucks OBD II port, the iTrail Snap gives you immediate confidence that you can find and monitor your vehicle from your smart phone or web browser.

If your vehicle should ever get stolen – simply call the authorities to let them know your vehicle’s location, and let them recover it for you.

Doing some personal investigating? Following a sneaky teen, sketchy workers or naughty loved ones? This is your first tool in spy gear technology that you’ll need to complete the job, just plug it in to your vehicle's OBD II port!

iTrail Snap is Ideal for:
  • Small business with a need for delivery monitoring
  • Business owners who need to monitor employee behavior
  • Families with newly licensed teenagers learning to drive the family car
  • Those with a need for real-time notification of arrival and departure

Download the App for this tracking device!

iTrail GPS App

iTrail Snap Unit Price: $ 99.00

Subscription Plans for iTrail Snap

Plan Name: Snap Most Popular
Plan Includes: 1 minute Updates, Unlimited Data, Text Alerts, Reports
Plan Name: Snap Plus
Plan Includes: 30 second Updates, Unlimited Data,Text Alerts, Reports
Plan Name: Snap 1 Year 1
Buy 12 months pre paid, Get one month free, 1 min updates, Unlimited data, Text alerts, Reports
Plan Name: Snap 1 Year 30
Buy 12 months pre paid, Get one month free, 30 second updates, Unlimited Data, Text Alerts, Reports

iTrail Snap

Price: $


All our 4G trackers work throughout North America & Mexico


  • Create multiple geo-fence zones to ensure your vehicle is where you expect it.
  • Position-location refreshes with options for either 30 or 60 second reports while vehicle is in motion.
  • Initiate a location alert anywhere your car is located
  • Alerts are sent via text or email.
  • Alerts for drivers exceeding set speed, starts and stops, uses Geo-fence and create routes to know your drivers locations
  • Quick installation is a snap by plugging it into your OBD-II (on board diagnostic) port in your vehicle
  • It’s a snap to deploy and runs off the battery of your automobile or truck.
  • Move it from vehicle to vehicle in seconds.
  • One tracking tool for multiple vehicle tracking.


  • Location Updates at 30 or 60 Seconds
  • Powered Via OBD-II Port
  • Auto Sleep Mode
  • Web-Based Software
  • Historical Playback
  • Text Reports
  • PC/MAC Compatible
  • Text Message(SMS) Alerts
  • Arrival Alerts
  • Depature Alerts
  • Low Battery Alerts
  • Navigation Feature
  • LiveShare Feature
  • APP


User Manual

Quick Start Guide

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